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You have the choice of numerous professional, knowledgeable, and competent insurance agencies committed to serving their clients. We feel we’re one of them.

In lieu of listing all the reasons we think you should choose us, we thought it would be a better idea to ask our existing clients why they chose and decided to stay with our agency. Below is a sampling of our clients’ answers:

The following unsolicited letter from the owner of Apple Pie Daycares summarized for us why we believe most of our clients choose The Blake Agency, Inc.

Dear Khaj,

This week I was reviewing the 2009 financials for my 6 companies; 4 child care centers and 2 commercial real estate properties. As you know, last year was a challenging year for the business community. In every major expense category I had increased expenses except for my insurance. Across the board in all 6 companies you reduced or maintained my insurance expenses compared to the 2008 level. This includes liability, workers compensation, fire and auto. I know that meant work for you because we switched a few insurance companies at renewal because you found the same coverage at a less expensive rate. By the way, there were no decreases in expenses in any other category of my expenses.

Khaj, when I started working with you 7 years ago you sold me on the format of relationship and service. In the back of my mind I was thinking cost. My financial review this week proves I got all three. Your service has been excellent! When I call your office someone is always willing to help or handle the situation even if you are unavailable. Rose is a real gem! And I certainly enjoy the working relationship you and I have. It reminds me of years past when an agent really cared about his or her customers.

I felt compelled to write this letter after my financial review this week. I appreciate all you do for me and my businesses. You’re more like a friend than a vendor. Thank you.

Jim Mattera, Owner
Apple Pie Child Care Centers

Additional testimonials from our clients:

“ We have been customers since 2002 and have always found The Blake Agency to be responsive, cost competitive and able to adapt to our changing needs quickly.”

President of Computer Consulting Firm, Client since 2002

“Our agent is soft spoken, upfront and goes out of his way to help and shops our account to get us the best rates. I always felt they were on my side when we’ve had claims.”

Owner of Restaurant/Bar, Client since 1998

“I can’t begin to thank you for all that you’ve done for us over the years. I think of the day in the Miami airport when I called you to ask if we needed to take insurance on our rental car. At that time I didn’t even have my personal insurance with you. But you not only answered my call but gave me what I needed. Your service has been excellent, returning calls, explaining complicated insurance terms in layman’s terms, your willingness to research answers and comparing various insurance policies for the best pricing and recommending things (coverage’s) we needed and of course for being a Penn Stater.”

Owner of Commercial Electrical Contracting Company, Client Since 1990 (sold business in 2011)

“My agent took a personal interest in my business. He always returns phone calls, answers my questions and provides timely advice. To add, he saved me money on my insurance premium.”

Owner of Commercial Real Estate and Apartments, Client Since 2006

“Our Corporation has been dealing with The Blake Agency since 2009 and we have found them to be very proactive in helping us manage our insurance needs. When an issue arises, they are willing to listen and take action to help meet our needs.”

President of Industrial Tool & Equipment Distributor, Client Since 2009

“We’ve had many years of loyal, consistent, excellent service.”

President of Sewer Contractor Company, Client since 1990

“Why Choose The Blake Agency? Well, they’re prompt, on time, thorough, know what they’re talking about, consistent, return phone calls and follow up.”

Owner of High End Kitchen Distributor & Installer, Client since 1998

“I was referred to The Blake Agency by a trusted source. I’ve stayed because they’re straight forward and honest.”

Owner, Roofing Contractor, Client since 2010

“Personal Service and great pricing”

Owner of Supermarket, Client since 2010

“Their honest and good prices”

Tavern Owner, Client since 2001

“I had 3 agents before The Blake Agency and have stayed because they return my phone calls, answer my questions and treat me right.”

Owner of Trailer Repair Shop, Client since 2002

“They provide excellent service, comprehensive coverage, very helpful and very good prices.”

Owner of Dental Practice, Client since 1999

“They took the time to explain what I have and what I need and not just quote our insurance. I’m never rushed and they always have time to answer all my questions providing the proper coverage we need.”

Partner/Owner, HVAC Contractor, Client since 1990

“They’re accessible, follow up, independent and 20-25% less in premium."

Restaurant Owner, Client Since 2009

“Since 1996, I’ve been and still am a client of The Blake Agency. They’ve provided our company with the best coverage and the best rates along with excellent service that’s fast and accurate. Our agent makes sure we’re taken care of. It’s a pleasure doing business with them.”

Franchise Owner of a National Restaurant Chain, Client since 1996

The most personal 'testimonial' we have received was a few years ago from the owner of a wholesale/retail furniture store who was a client since 2005 and was terminally ill who called a few days prior to his passing to ask if he owed our agency any money. ...we’re still absolutely speechless.

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